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'92 liner. Animal lover. Easily amused. Cat owner. Music addict. Sweets enthusiast. Creature of the midday. Too much wrapped into one. Fan of man. Lover of lovely human beings.
Fans: Oppa, please call KyungHee once, If you do, you’ll get no.1 for MuBank
YS: KyungHee ah~ If I didn’t get no.1, u’ll be responsible for it?
Fans: Gong YuJin!! If you call me, you will get No.1 on Music Bank!! Guaranteed!!
YS: Liar.

Tao mocking Kris’ English

jongin ain’t taking your shit jongdae

INFINITE’s drama queen, Kim Sunggyu.

chanyeol’s violent reaction when asked who’s the most handsome in the teaser