The star shines for everyone in the world, but in reality, it itself is surrounded in darkness.
'92 liner. Animal lover. Easily amused. Cat owner. Music addict. Sweets enthusiast. Creature of the midday. Too much wrapped into one. Fan of man. Lover of lovely human beings.
July 09
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  • Fans: Oppa, please call KyungHee once, If you do, you’ll get no.1 for MuBank
  • YS: KyungHee ah~ If I didn’t get no.1, u’ll be responsible for it?
  • Fans: Gong YuJin!! If you call me, you will get No.1 on Music Bank!! Guaranteed!!
  • YS: Liar.
June 17
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Tao mocking Kris’ English

June 12
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jongin ain’t taking your shit jongdae

June 09
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INFINITE’s drama queen, Kim Sunggyu.

May 27
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chanyeol’s violent reaction when asked who’s the most handsome in the teaser