Title: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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chanyeol singing thunder @ 140415 showcase

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Title: falset.d.o

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hidden treasures lie in the backup vocals…

Title: 이겨낼거야 2 (Victorious 2) Feat. GRAY
Artist: 스윙스(Swings)
Album: EP Mood Swings pt.1 Major Depression
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Title: Lonely Lullaby Ver.
Artist: B1A4

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Title: 빠져
Artist: Oneway
Album: Rainy Days
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Oneway - 빠져

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Title: 나쁜기억
Artist: Pro C feat. K.Will
Album: 나쁜기억
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PRO C (프로씨) feat. K. WILL (케이윌)- Bad Memory (나쁜기억)

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Title: This Love (Maroon 5)
Artist: Jae Park
Album: Youtube
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Park JaeHyung - This Love (Maroon 5 Cover)

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Title: I Feel Pretty
Artist: Santino Fontana

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"For his audition for Prince Hans (from Frozen) he sang a cover of "I Feel Pretty" from the musical West Side Story, though had altered lyrics, turning the song into a self-centerednarcisistic, yet funny chant.” [x]


holy fucking shit it’s perfect

this is his villain song

Title: the truth about got7
Artist: wonder girls in disguise

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i’ll fucking put my money on it

you have now been enlightened

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Title: Memeber Ai
Artist: K-chan News

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That one time when all 4 of them were on the radio and this happened:

Shige: I didn’t say you were cute. I only said you were acting cute.

(everyone starts talking in cute voices)

Koyama: What are you saying?

Massu: What is this?

Shige: That’s what I meant.

Koyama: That’s cute.

Shige: I didn’t say you were cute. I said you were acting cute.

Tegoshi: Do you like me, do you like me?

Shige: I like you.

Koyama: Shige, what about me?

Shige: I like you.

Massu: Me?

Shige: I like you too.

Koyama: So cool.

Tegoshi: Kiss me.

Shige: I’ll do it! I’ll go deep. Deep. (dippu kiss=french kiss)

Tegoshi: *laughs*

Koyama: That would be awkward, having members french kiss in front of your eyes. Awkward.

Massu: Can I please not see that?

[2012.07.18 K-chan news]

So basically Koyama and Massu are saying “get a room!”

Thanks to prettynonromanticists for this one.

A good laugh to start a happy lunar new year x”3 we should get all of them on Kchan NEWS again soon.

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Title: Badman Lullaby Dream Ver.
Artist: B.A.P

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Title: 혼자 있다보면 (When You're Alone)
Artist: Kamo (ft. Supreme Boi)
Album: 혼자 있다보면
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Kamo (ft. Supreme Boi) - 혼자 있다보면 (When You’re Alone)
…혼자 쿨한척 하고있어 봤자 im not okay

Title: Infinite Intros
Artist: Infinite

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I personally think Infinite should get all the awards coz they have the most epic intros(/teaser songs) ever.

A compilation of Infinite’s intro tracks (/teaser video songs) so far (for their Korean songs)

1. 2. Evolution (check out their teaser for the mv, just as dramatic) 3. Nothing’s Over (teaser video) 4. Over The Top 5. Paradise (teaser video) 6. The Chaser (teaser video) 7. Infinitize


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Title: 애써 (Painfully)
Artist: 제이워크(J-Walk) feat. Bumkey (범키) & 지조 (Zizo)
Album: Love… Painfully
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Title: 세상을 흔들어 (Shake The World)
Artist: G-Dragon
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G Dragon - 세상을 흔들어 (Shake The World)

This song forever reminding me of Team B <3

Shake the world Team B!

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